Professional Solutions

Yoroca Bilisim; provides professional solutions with high quality and service standard to enterprises in software and information technologies.

Software Development

Yoroca Bilisim; develops specialized softwares on demand that meets your priorities and objectives, processes, critical assignments and technology requirements.

Software Analysis and Design

Yoroca Bilisim; with accurate and measurable analysis of your enterprise and partners requirements, expectations, general customer and client requirements provides user friendly, flexible, efficient, secure and modular software designs.

Software Support and Maintenance

Yoroca Bilisim; provides continuous software support and maintenance services about software integration process management and present software issues along with ensuring sustainability of your new or existent projects that bring into action

Hardware Support and Maintenance

Yoroca Bilisim; provides hardware and network support like server and network installations, Active Directory and Exchange Server roles setup and management, filtering internet content with firewalls etc.

Manageable Services

Yoroca Bilisim; meets the needs of enterprises that preferred to outsource information technology management.


Yoroca Bilisim; provides training to use the solutions they provided more efficiently.


Yoroca Bilisim; provides consultancy in line with requirements of enterprises, to meet the requirements of integrable softwares and matches with services they provided.


Yoroca Bilisim; provides outsourcing service about enterprise software requirements, project management, hardware supply, data input, business process improvements etc.

Mobile Application Solutions

Yoroca Bilisim; develops Native, Hybrid and HTML5 applications on IOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Visual Content Applications

Yoroca Bilisim; develops applications that prioritize visuality like magazines, photography, music and videos.

Report and Statistics Applications

Yoroca Bilisim; develops graphic applications like production, sales, stock, supply, financial analysis and manager reports.

E-Commerce, Sales and Order Applications

Yoroca Bilisim; develops applications the enables purchasing and ordering on e-commerce systems.

Appointment and Reservation Applications

Yoroca Bilisim; develops appointment and reservation applications for hospitals, consulates, public service, hotels, flight tickets, car rentals etc.

Corporate Applications

Yoroca Bilisim; develops applications for secure access and management to ERP and CRM systems.

Education Applications

Yoroca Bilisim; develops applications for education with visual or written content.

Smart Card Applications

Yoroca Bilişim; develops payment system and secure data transfer applications.

Loyalty Card Applications

Applications that increase customer loyalty. Yoroca Bilişim; with systems provided to their members online solutions with end to end security.